The Club helps members graduate from high school ready for college, trade school, military or employment. We believe that providing learning opportunities, holding high expectations for members and recognizing accomplishments are ways to ensure that kids are successful academically.

More than half of all new jobs require more than a high school diploma, yet more than a quarter of U.S. students are not finishing high school. The Boys & Girls Club is a part of the solution. The Club is working to impact key indicators for youth of all ages that will make high school graduation a most likely outcome: (1) on time grade progression, (2) third grade reading levels, (3) standardized test scores, and (4) regular school attendance. These indicators of a child's progress throughout their school years give us an idea of the likelihood of high school graduation.

"Our goal is simple to state but hard to achieve. We want to help every Boys & Girls Club member advance to the next grade level every year and graduate from high school on time, prepared with the attitude, knowledge and confidence to succeed and achieve."

Denzel Washington, BGCA's national spokesperson


It is proven that Club members who attend the Club regularly after school have decreased time skipping school, increased academic confidence, higher levels of community service involvement, increased levels of integrity, increase connectedness and deceased number of negative peers. Boys & Girls Club works with schools and parents to ensure youth attend school regularly.


We tracked middle school Club members entering our program in 2006-2007 school year. In 2011, 95 percent of these members were promoted to the next grade level on time and are on track for their high school graduation. This is significant when compared to a parish graduation rate of only 65%.


Summer learning loss contributes to poor academic performance. It widens the achievement gap between these students and their more advantaged peers—contributing to their likelihood of dropping out of high school. We have a direct impact on summer learning because members spend more time in the Club during the summer. In the summer of 2013, Boys & Girls Club members increased their reading level by eight months during the six week program.


Each year, fourth and eighth grade students participate in the state's Louisiana Educational Assessment Program (LEAP)–a series of tests that determines whether they will be required to attend summer school or be retained. LEAP scores have become a standard measurement to gage success of our education systems by school, parish and state. Fourth and eighth grade Club members are more likely to pass standardized tests, like the LEAP Test, than their peers.



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