Club OnDemand Volunteer

Boys & Girls Club is going virtual! To meet the needs of Club members as best as we can during these unprecedented days, we have created Club OnDemand. The design of the program is much like the traditional day at the Club. Students will have access to homework assistance and then be placed into breakout sessions (that begin at 4 and 5pm).

A student can “pop in” for help with one homework problem and then leave or he/she will be invited to stay to participate in the engaging, fun programs that will be offered that day.

We can design a meaningful volunteer placement based on your skill set (know how to play the ukulele, become our ukulele band leader; passionate about etiquette, host a virtual tea party).  We do have these volunteer placements available, too:

Homework Help/Tutor
Assist staff by providing club members with one-on-one or small group tutoring who need assistance in a specific school subject.

General Club Volunteer
Clubs need dedicated volunteers on weekdays between the hours of 3:00pm – 6:00pm to assist with specific club activities and duties. Help our club members express their talents! Programs include sports and fitness, fine arts (i.e. dancing, drama, vocal and painting), cooking, gardening, and social recreation.

Guest Speaker:  College and Career Advisors
Will provide expertise and up-to-date knowledge in specialized areas to provide club members with the resources needed to bridge high school to University, College, trade schools or careers.

Please follow these steps to begin:

  1. Complete the Club's Volunteer Application
  2. Once your application is reviewed, you will receive an email asking you to complete our mandatory background screen.  Please response to this email.
  3. Once your mandatory background screen is reviewed and approved, you will need to complete an Virtual/Online volunteer orientation, Seresa Corbin, Director of Community Engagement will contact you to arrange this orientation.
  4. You will be placed and begin a meaningful and rewarding experience.