What We Do

Safety Education

The Boys & Girls Club's Be Safe. Be Smart program addresses bullying and teasing at all grade levels. This program address children's social and emotional development and teaches skills to help young people interact positively with others.

Be Safe. Be Smart program teaches children skills to help them interact positively with others and communicate emotions effectively. The Club works with children in Pre-K-fifth grade.

Be Safe. Be Smart targets a wide range of violent behavior including bullying, teasing, spreading rumors amongst younger children, and threats and assaults in later years. It is designed to give students the skills to stay safe and healthy.

Each lesson addresses one of three fundamental topic areas related to violence prevention including:

  • Vulnerability to violence

  • Mean and violent incidents do occur in their school

  • Violence hurts others

Be Safe Be Smart Service Area

From pushing and kicking in elementary schools to social exclusion and threats in middle school, to alcohol and relationship abuse in high school, these programs place emphasis on enlisting support of bystanders, changing violent norms, and strengthening communication between adults and students to stop violence.

This inschool program reached more than 4,600 children in 13 parishes.

For more information, contact Seresa Corbin, Director of Community Engagement